Thakrian Decree - Sales to Merchant

Derillion, Star Weaverto Everyone

I have been monitoring the sales to the Thakrian merchant for several weeks now and it seems that some people have been excessively selling goods to a point forseen as detrimwntal to the Thakrian economy. It is therefore time for the Thakrian barony to take affirmative action to prevent such abuse from continuing. Henceforth, all those selling to the Thakrian merchant will be limited to 200gp per day. Items bought from Thakrian stalls will not effect the limit itself. Meticulous records will be taken of forthcoming stallactions to maintain accurate accountability of sales. Those exceeding this daily limit will be branded as enemy of Thakria until such time that their banishment has recovered their abusive sales to the merchant. This decree will remian in effect until such time as the barony sees a change in trend with respect to the Thakrian economy. Derillion, Star Weaver, for Nostradamus, for Periam, for Thakria.