Cowardice + Sorcerors

Sir Eldweissto Everyone

Seramic, I must apologize to you. I agree, I should not have quit. I never quit during fights without good reason. This is because I am a Knight. As a Knight I should set an example to my fellow warriors. But under such conditions I went through, nothing to do with our fight, I was forced to quit. There are many other times we could have fought, so you should not see I as a coward because of this minor bad behaviour on my part. I have fought many other strong warriors, which includes that \"hagged woman\" Blodwyn. When I fought Blodwyn I was completly powerless, knowing I was going to suffer a miserable death. The only way I could prevent this was to QQ. BUT I did not. I stayed. I fought like a true man. I was forced to let Blodwyn rub that disgusting stinking wax on my person and burn me to death. I hope no-one will see I as a coward. I am not. Sir Eldweiss. e