Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

I have re-read the message I posted the other day about Thakria, and I realised that actually everybody, including myself, is not really being very fair about apportioning the credit.

While Nostradamus and I did help (myself to a lesser degree, I will admit), Snowlock was really the brain, the muscles and the money behind the invasion. It was Snowlock who worked tirelessly for months raising the money to buy the armies. It was Snowlock who masterminded the attacks, and it was Snowlock who, with the help of a few powerful allies, held off the Mercinaean partisans.

Snowlock, Thakria thanks you, and no doubt Mercinae will in time too. They now have a dynamic Patron from the Gharran stable, and will soon be on the up again.

Mephisto, Patron of Thakria, God of Night.