Prudence Hipster, Maiden of Mercinaeto Everyone

As I was saying... It seems that the Sub has gone to everyones head these last few days and it is indeed a sad day for me personally to see Mercinae reduced to such a sad state. Mercinae was looking forward to a new dawn under my leadership, but alas this opportunity for good was taken from me by the warmongering Barons of Thakria. It seems that the principle aim of this invasion was to humiliate Castigere, but I have suffered a great cost to myself in Xp and Gold.

I would have hoped that the Thakrian barons would have seen me as an friend and allie, but alas their only friend is power. And as we all know power corrupts, Parrius must fear for her safety and I think thats GEN's removal of forces was for her benefit, as the barons of thakria were as rabid as a pack of hunting dogs.

In the meantime, I would like to offer my services to the rebuilding of Mercinae and I hereby also put my name forward to Nostradamus to become a future Baron of Mercinae.