Boasting again

Snowlock, of the Bloodto Everyone

I agree wholeheartedly with Genesis, and wish the same sentiments to be extended to the Mercinae siege. Palin's message was outrageous, he clearly has no idea what ghosting means. I am willing to admit that I did die to him twice, and so did Grendel and Trekker, but Palin had his fair share of deaths too. For those who still do not know why the siege was called off, I will set the record straight once and for all.

Castigere negotiated very hard on behalf of his city, I would be belittling his role as deity by telling everyone what was the final bargaining chip he used. Suffice to say, Thakria no longer found the siege to be profitable, and so saw no need to continue it. Contrary to some rumours circulating, we did NOT withdraw because Castigere threatened to make life hell for me, and vowed to always get in the way of anything I might try to achieve. I would have gladly lived with that, for the sake of Thakria's greater glory.