Castigere, the god of Justiceto Everyone

Due to Nostradamus returning to his studies at home, Hostplay for the present is not available any hour, day or night, as before. To keep you all up to date, the situation at the moment is as follows -

Hostplay should be available from Friday evening to Sunday evening as before, 24 hrs a day. During the week, there won't be any Hostplay available during the days although this may change fairly soon. Weekday evenings are available on the basis that they MUST be pre- booked by MSGing me in advance and getting confirmation from me that I can get down there on the night required. Please don't just turn up on the off-chance. A word here about tidyness at Hostplay people... no-one is asking that you polish tables or Hoover up, but it would be appreciated if when you've finished your MacDonalds/Burger King Happy Meal, that you would put the rubbish etc into the bin.