The Guild of Knights.

Sir Eldweiss, Fiery Knight of Mercinaeto Everyone

Dreamed of the Ultimate Hero? A hero of the ordinary people? Perhaps a Renowned Fighter of Avalon. A feared man of Avalon? A man of War? The Guild of Knights are proudly searching for adamant men who consider themselves worthy to wield their Swords among Avalon. The role of aKnight will be atough one. A Knight should not only be expected to help those of Good but also those of Evil alignments should they require it. Do not believe the idea of fighting being the only work of aKnight! There are no real rules to abide by, but many members should be expected to replace this with his own art of a Knight`s belief. To be Knight is not such a role to be taken lightly. Those who have been triumphant with the mighty skill of Chivalry have grown to be deeply respected Fighters of Avalon. Sir Ammon and Lady Arback are such fine examples who have held many roles and positions in life, those such of mighty Barons, great conquerors of land and exemplary fighters. An enduring but rewarding life will come to those who have e

rolled. The apprentice will be kept under constant guidance and will learn the various techniques of fighting ; the art of Jousting, the ability to wield Dual Swords, and the knowledge to endure many pains of life, amongst many other techniques. A Knight will be expected to endure pain, be wise, bold, and strong throughout his life. Join Us.