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Sir Eldweiss, Fiery Knight of Mercinaeto Everyone

Oh please people, the BB seems to be littered with pathetic messages. Could the Luggun Vs Conteck Animist TALKBACK messages be re-continued please. They were much more intellectual, political, peaceful and admirably readable than the dog foul published presently. Please notez Sorcerors et al. I hope to join you soon Lady Anastasia. I should be delighted to fight you. Your arrogant self seems to practise the religion of Castigere, god of Justice???? Surely something is perhaps wrong here? I have had the chance to fight a only few Cavaliers and indeed most are good fighters. But there are others amongst them who know nowt of fighting. Perhaps poor training on behalf of the previous Cavalier Master, Sir Yossarian. I would congratulate the Mistress if she would do better. Finally, Torture Rack, after hearing the great misjustice of Tarakin cowardly slaying Sir Eldweiss you decided your duty as a Sorcerer was to be a little angry and slay Tarakin twice... Pest he is, he insists on the tradition of killing the we

k. I one day would like to end this tradition. Once I am stronger Tarakin we will see who the real fool of Avalon will be. Sir Eldweiss, Knight.