Nostradamus, god of the starsto Everyone

I would like to take this opportunity to mention all those who aided me in the final quest that lead to my ordination. These people were Vanion, Rack, Sepultura and Kiall. Together we defeated Zollrender, Snowlock, Tarakin, Eshkadeth, Xpor, Garet, Sturm, Nalek, Lunoc and others, and now I am pleased to announce Vanion, Walker of Stars as my High-Priest.

Vanion was most noble in the final quest, and did state on many occasion that he would not *harm* any citizen of Parrius, and to the best of my knowledge he kept his word on this, and if I doubted his loyalty to the people he served, he would not be my high-priest, so I believe he fully deserves to remain a baron of Parrius.

Nostradamus, the god of stars.