Avalon Spring Meet

Pericles, god of the skyto Everyone

Yes folks, believe it or not the Spring Meet is right upon us... Doesn't time fly. Basically lots will be happening at hostplay ALL weekend (9th - 10th of April). Most of the organised events will be happening on the Sunday which have already been covered by Genesis in a previous BB message.

If any paintballers who we think are coming cannot make it, please MSG either myself or Genesis pronto so we can keep track of numbers and transport possibilities. If you intend to come to the paintballing and wish to get a lift from the premesis, then the best thing is to come late on Saturday and stay here overnight.

Basically ALL are welcome to hostplay for the entire weekend, and if lots of you wish to sleep over Saturday night, best to bring a sleeping-bag (or not go to sleep at all) because we only have a limited number of sofas etc.

Its a good opportunity for people who don't often go to hostplay or have never been before to come down, since there will be lots of people in the same boat, so looking foward to seeing you all this weekend.....

Pericles, God of Hostplay. (Office voice no: 071-813-3312)