The Final Ordination

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Due to Avalon's problems handling a great deal of activity via host- play (this will be rectified once we spend money speeding up our links, but not before April 10th), the final Ordination will take place as follows:

The four contenders, Zollrender, Sixpack, Blodwyn and Eshkadeth will be divided into two. These two will play out a shorter amethyst quest (without aid) and the person who ends up with the gem at the end of the alloted time will go through to the Ordination proper. The final ordination will involve anybody who wants to join in, but all those involved must pledge support to one or other of the contenders, the new God being the mortal who ends up with the divine amethyst at the end of the time period, in much the same way as the Helkarakse/ Urquoth competition.

It shall be Zollrender against Sixpack and Blodwyn against Eshkadeth in the first bout, the winners being the final contenders.