Favour & Disfavour

I quite agree with your guidelines for use of favour and disfavour by HPs, but I do have one small question. I strkes me that there should be a mechanism for rewarding service to Avalon rather than service to any given organisation within the land.

I conceede that this does allow the meta-level of the game to creep in, with actions which would not need to be performed within Avalon's own frame of reference affecting the position of characters within the game.

However, Avalon is a game and does need mudane things doing from time to time. Given that a divine Favour is not the optimum way of rewarding such behavior, what mechanism do you propose to replace it?

I hope you would not wish to outlaw such practice, should I ever be promoted to that dizzy level, I would want the ability to reward sevice to the game as well as service within my divine sphere of influence.