Armourer of Thakria

Prudence, Courtesan of Ladakhto Everyone

Just thought you should know, theres a MUNGUS SALE STILL ON at the Armourer of Thakria... A full stock of Potions has been generously donated by various people throughout Avalon who wish to remain nameless. I've also had my gardening gloves on and have now stocked up with a nifty array of Poisons for your fun and self abuse.

Try these out for size BABY...> KLY -Upto 300 hp damage (WOW!) KARFAR -Death in 10 mins (LUMMY!) MANDRAKE -Heavy Sleep (NIGHT NIGHT) YAVIN -Amnesia (CHANT FLIBBLE, damn !) MOUURARK -Paranoia (YOU ALL HATE ME !) YAKE -Rots tongue (Avalons answer to KEBABS!) ETARKA -Brittle bones (POOR OLD GIRL!) VAXVARNA -Causes great weakness (ERM STUCK ??) JITSU -Upto 50 hp damage (little wow!) WYG -Hair loss (SYRUP TASTIC MATE!) ATHANZAR -Weakens magical resistance.

Armourer of Thakria... you know it makes sense !