Mephisto, god of the nightto Castor, the Astrologer

If you know of a Laserquest place which is open in the wee hours of the night, then please MSG me with details. The reason we have chosen paintball is that Rack knows a place where you can play through the night.

This seems a good time to explain the format of the meet weekend.

Saturday afternoon we all gather at HostPlay, and the quest for Aldaron's gem takes place in the evening starting at about 10 or so. Saturday night we go paintballing from about 1am til 4am, then return to the office to have a snooze (or play Avalon, as you prefer). Sunday afternoon the final Gemquest runs, for the Amethyst of Time, and following this, the ordination takes place, followed by the traditional drink-up at the Grove Tavern.

There will be refreshments available all weekend in the office (for those who have not been before, we have a soft-drinks machine), possibly including snacky-type food, and we have a local Domino's Pizza.

Come along, witness a piece of Avalon history in the making.