Roles ctd

Lugonn, The Shining Oneto Mephisto, god of the night

unfortunately the animist guild seems to me to have under its current leadership abdicated any form of responsibility for keeping the peace, or justice possibly what is required is MORE than a single guild in a remote forest location to combat the overwhelming force of the quick kill merchents


the game itself does not at the moment actually encourage role playing what it encourages is, build a 'powerfull personna and kill as many things to get points as you can, it has always amazed me anyone can have a good or pure alignement while slaughtering all and sundry, i in fact see no reason at all why even a pacifist personna should be good aligned or a fighter evil aligned as you quite rightly say such things have become virtually meaningless

I amoung many others have played an extremly onerous role for a number of years while that role may not be easily appreciated, it is as i have always seen it needed or i wouldnt be doing it, (its also quite good fun most of the time!!) if my opinion is worth anything, killing a pacifist should result in no loss, and no gain, a pacafist killing would result int he loss of that status for one year (ctd)