Lugonn, The Shining Oneto Mephisto, god of the night

I think there are two principal reasons for the current state of the game one

Pacifists are worth just as much when killed as fighters morover the majority of the pacifist players on the game (animists) posses no offensive weapons whatsoever, and those few that do refuse to use them as it would be out of character. the ultimate skills of various guilds are now so evanly balanced theres virtualy then, no other option than to run away I had, before it decended in to criminality and corruption seen the animists guild as a sort of police force, fighting evil and tryranny wherever it struck risking each individual's life to try and bring peace and possibly some element of justice to the land.

I have, almost since my arrival in this land petittioned for the declared pacifits NOT to be peanilised for death in the same way as the fighters the game already penalises pacifists in terms of points scoring as it is it has never made any sense for them to pay the same penalties as a fighitng personna ctd