Prudence, Courtesan of Ladakhto Everyone

To celebrate a week in business, here at the Armourer of Thakria we feel it was time that we put something back into the community. So, for this week only we will be offering all our goods at knocked-off, err I mean knocked down prices... Full range of potions... starting at just 100gp ! Full range of Poisons... most at just 24gp !

We have a good stock of poisons, so why not have some fun on the cheap. We recomend BUKANDAS (respritory problems), JITSU (1-50hp), MANDRAKE (Heavy sleep), ETARKA (brittle bones) or how about the brilliant KARFAR (SLOW DEATH!). We also stock other goods so why not pay us a visit.....

From the Centre of Thakria Sq its... E x 5, NW, N x 2, NE, N, E.

HAPPY SHOPPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!