New Herb Shop

Baron Conteck of Avalon General Hospitalto Everyone

<Drum Roll> <Fanfare>

The Animists Guild is pleased to announce the opening of a NEW herb shop. The stall is in the ruined square by Chetwood Forest and The Oracle.

The stock room for it is nowhere near, and its location will remain confidential to the Guildmaster and Guildmistress of the Animists for the moment. (Fiorella - I'll show you how to get in next time I see you.)

You will find it stocked with such goods as you would hope to find in any city herb store, without any city gates to get in the way.

Though as Baron of Parrius I'd perfer you to shop in Chapman Square, the Animists Guild has no tie to any city and will sell to anyone whenever we have stock to sell.

Our other outlets may or may not cease trading, we will see how things develop.