Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

to be used and I hope that the thieves guild will be seen to change.

I cannot, somewhat obviously, promise that there will not be any more reasons for complaints about the theives, but I will be interested to hear the complaints and will act upon them should they warrent it.

The thieves guild has long been denied the respect it deserves and in retrospect I blame no-one for not respecting us. I hope however with this change in leadership back to someone who has the time and knowhow to do something about it, that the guild will rise above those few that have dishonoured and abused its lenient leadership.

I realise it is difficult to see a thief as being anything but guilty. I realise also that attitudes are not changed over night. It will be a process that may take some time but I am sure that those thieves with sense and honour will be only too willing to face this challenge in the same spirit I am.

Inshallah of the Night - THIEF, Mother, Baroness and Bookie.