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Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

Remember me? Well I'm back and in charge again. So listen to me the lot of you cos what I am about to say effects you all.

There has been a thieves guild in avalon for longer than most of you can remember, it is only recently however that the thieves have been blamed for thefts perpetrated by non thieves. There have also been a large number of complaints about a certain number of thieves that are acting in a manner I cannot take responcibility for. This presents me with a situation unenviable by any guildmaster/mistress but I am not one to back away from the radical action that is needed.

Firstly about those thieves that are using their skills in a totally irresponcible manner. They are being chucked out of the thieves. Ie: Myron, Quicksilver, Badvok, Beany, Hubble and Sepultura are all to be # thrown out as I am not willing to take responcibility for their lack of thought and stupidity. If in future these 'ex-thieves' should not in any way be associated with the thieves guild.