Interests of the game

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

I think one has to decide wether the 'interests of the game' are best served by making avalon life as easy as possible. There are those I am sure who will say that the over-comming of hardship and difficulty is as much a part of avalon as the 'safe puzzle' or baronial elections. Perhaps if it is thought that avalon would be a better place without adversity of this (or any other) nature someone could tell me where the challenge would lie?

Life in the realm of avalon isn't supposed to be easy, at least it has never been easy for me, and I think it benefits from this. If avalon were easy I fear its interests would have been failed to have been served.

It is not as easy to steal as you may think if (as a thief) you pick upon fair targets. Some members of the guild don't pick on fair targets and they are being thrown out of the thieves within the next day or two.

We thieves are an adversity you should learn to deal with, not simply ask to be removed or down graded - that sort of talk is cowardice as far as I can see.