Moan moan moan

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

Cor you don't 'arf go on. Listen, if we wanted a monopoly on retail outlets we could have one, a few hundred traps divided between all the none thief owned shops would soon deter customers and with a few more on the major road intersections and banks and the cities could find themselves with more trouble than they need. Like I said before if you think its bad now, wait till you annoy us. _ I hereby sentence Klassi of the Loremasters to death because I feel like it. Any thief that can bring me proof of her riding on the ship of death will gain a handsome reward. Anyone else who wants to kill her is quite welcome to, I don't want to be too elitist.

Inshallah of the Night - Thief, Mother, Baroness and Bookie