The Knights : History

Sturm Dark Bladeto Everyone

Yes, thats right, I have been sent a dream by the Gods and this is how it goes. If any of you played Avalon before skedric became a God you will undearstand this. The History of the knights started when 2 men of the knights guild said \"Hay, I'm not gonna stand here and take this\". And so the Falling of the guild happend. But Hornet and Conan did all they could to keep the guild from crashing and burning, I can never do what they did. After a year of war and death on the knights side Conan and Hornet quited leave the guild in Arback's and nebcunzer? Ponder... hands. but as most of you know these two people just made things worse for the knights and the guild fainaly crashed 1 1/2 years later after the guild has died the gods sent me a dream. The dream was that I am the only true knight around and maby if you try you can get the knights back on-line. Well I have to say, that I am no fighter as meny of you know. But I am a leader. Maby one of you people can help me and join the guild and you can be the new he

o of the knights guild. Now comes the Q's what about honour, law,justice. well Avalon has change law and justice is N/A and honour well its as good as it gets. Well heres hoping that theres someone out there willing to help me to bring back the knights from the dust. The best knight i have knowen was Hornet and