Thieves Etc

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

Thieves are a part of avalon. You will never wipe us out and if you thought it bad now you want to see it when we're annoyed.

As I have already said but will say again anyway, anyone in Avalon will walk away with your possessions given the chance, they are not all thieves by proffession. You can have items VOICED off you, you can have items FEEBLED off you, you can even have items TRIPped off you so again I see nothing special about the thieves as compared to the rest of the guilds.

I think the only difference between the thieves and other guilds is that we're honest about our intentions from the outset. We say we are thieves and make no odds of it, but other guilds who share our nice abillity to remove people of their possessions etc don't get the same hassle do they? Oh no. Thieves are easy targets, by definition they must be guilty. You make me sick.

There are many thieves in Avalon, a minority of them are honest enough to admit it. Inshallah of the Night - Thief, Mother, Baroness and Bookie.