Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

Locks don't stop thieves and you moan? Well wakey wakey people Locks don't stop anyone!!! BLASTDOOR, BARGE, GATE and even a damn SONG makes locks useless so please do stop making out like us thieves are being so bloodyminded cos we ain't.

Klassi of all people should shut up in such matters since she herself developed a way with two loremasters that allowed them access to even the most protected of places. Deny it if you can Klassi.

Conteck you seem to think that at some happy point in avalons past there were huge store rooms full of treasure and stocks of things. Well it just ain't true. Not because the thieves made such places impractical but more that EVERYONE made places like that impractical. Most people in avalon when faced with a room of stuff that isn't theirs will grab as much as they can and leg it. Since doors are not secure from attack by most guilds (let alone thieves) such storerooms will get robbed damn fast. Sorcerers gate in, Bards sing the door down and BANG all your stuff is gone. CONT