Oh please

You explain to a god what being a baron involves?? Boy do you need a large ammount of help. I think Mephisto knows what being a baron entails since I seem to remember him being one once a upon a time. My charges of Corruption are based on my experience in that I have not yet met a baron that wasn't corrupt and I should know, I have been a baroness since before you were a quicky in the forest. All barons are corrupt and bias and cowardly. If you claim to be the first who isn't then I suggest you are a liar beyond all else.

I maybe corrupt but atleast I'm honest about it.

All barons of cities prepare to be destroyed along with your cities.

Oh one more thing, I think when my patron mentioned cowardice and hiding in HP rooms or counil chambers he was talking to those that are running for god.

I didn't know you were running for god Conteck.......

Inshallah of the Night - The Asgard Alliance