Cowardice and Barons

Mephisto my patron was not talking to you Conteck since you seem not to be in the running for god. Those that are know what he is talking about. As for leaving a BB explaining to a god what it is to be one of the barons in Avalon I think that makes you either completely stupid or just a little mentally disturbed and somewhat paranoid. I think both my patron and I know what it is to be a baron and what it entails. Mephisto was a baron many years ago himself and I have been a baroness since long before you were more than a quicky in the Greenwood. My accusations of corruption need no proof or detail since you are not given any right to appeal or defence. Barons of all cities will be killed their cities will be destroyed.

People of Avalon. The time draws near when we shall rise up and throw off the yoke of the three cities. A time when no longer will a bias selection of fattened rich criminals will run our lives. Drawing closer with every sunrise comes the defeat of all that is corrupt and bias in Avalon.

I may be corrupt but atleast I'm honest about it. Inshallah of the Night - The Asgard Alliance. ps The reason elections are bias is cos of the ballot ox, who wants to