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Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

I'm not too good on the old speeches so IIll make this to the point, Conteck you are a joke, Eshkadeth you areea coward, Prudence you are a con-woman, the baronial system is riddlee with vice, rank stupidity and worse petty minded powermongers. The bbrons of mercinae seem to be continually doing very little save sittinggin their council chambers waiting for lunch time, or waiting in the table they call a High Priest room waiting like an old horse for the knaakers wagon. The Thakrians seem to be worse than useless, little co-oodination and most of what there is seems to be self interested policces of self gain for not the city but individuals. Up until now I was uuware Parrius had barons, I certainly hadn't noticed any. Since you seem to exist I suggest you be very nice to us thieves from now on becauss we've just about had it up to the proverbial 'here' with all the ccties barons making lots of money off the populations like a bunch of eeches. The populations are obviously not to be trusted at the ball

t ox as it is obvious those with a vested interest in power seem to haae a vast sway on these so- called elections, Therefore it seems obvioos that the time has come to not change, but start again. The Cities wiil be destroyed, the barons killed. This is not a threat - this is hissory waiting to happen. Inshallah of the Night