Baron Conteck of Avalon General Hospitalto Everyone

I am only going to post the one message about this incident, but as I have received complaints about an Animist actually killing someone, I do feel somewhat obliged to state my position.

As far as I am concerned Fiorella was acting in her capacity of High- Priestess to Aldaron. It would appear that these folk were attempting, even succeeding in desecrating the sites she is supposed to defend.

I am sure Fiorella used the minimum nescesary force to reduce the amount of killing. We are required to promote life and minimise death, we ourselves are a lifeform and have a duty to preserve that along with all the rest. Faced with a kill or be killed paradox, Fiorella was free to choose. I am sure that if there had been a way out of the situation which did not require someone to get killed Fiorella would have used it.

Please take note - I am not saying that I condone or approve of Animists killing. All I am saying is that we are obliged to protect our own lives as much as any other living thing in the game - player or CCC.