The State of Thakria

The Jokerto Everyone

I write to complain about the state of my city. Firstly, and most importantly, TAXATION. As a shopkeeper I find myself now getting taxed three times - Firstly, 10% of my revenue is deducted on sale of goods, secondly, I am then taxed on this income AGAIN in the form of the tax bill paid by all citizens, and finally I pay out ludicrous amounts again when I put my hard earned groats in the bank ! I find the taxation in the City comletely punative. I don't know the postion in other cities but something should be done about this TRIPLE taxation. And what do we get in return for this mass pay out ? 17 gold a month and no commodities in sight, occasionally some food and rarely anything interesting in the stalls. Does anyone else feel so aggrieved ?