Potions and Runes at the Shop near Mercinae

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

In the absence of Loremasters and Alchemists and Barons stocking the stalls (and a shortage of bottles), I have stocked up the shop.

Blue=Health, Sparkling=Mana, Green=Double Meditation, Clear=Levitation, Glittering=Sight, Indigo=Hearing, Grey=Life, Red=Fire Resistance, Pink=Adrenalin, Mauve=Speed, Vermillion=Immunity, Luminous=Innersight, Magenta=Diffusion, and White=Allheale.

Also four types of runes. Cross=Paralysis, Arrow=Quarrel runes for slaying undead and demons, Pyramid=Protects against summoning and seeing stones, and Ankh=Destroys spirits.