Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

HostPlay will be utterly, positively closed on Friday 5th November. This is not for bonfire night, although you could be excused for thinking that it was, it is for a solid day's bugfixing. If anybody does turn up at the office, they will be turned away at the door, so please do not come expecting the usualy lenience. There is a pile of major things which need doing to the game, and they will be done on friday.

Obviously, the modem system will be affected by this too, the game will be up and down rather frequently (no jokes about matrimonial night-wear please) and your good-spirits about this will be appreciated.

HostPlay will re-open at 6:00pm on Friday Night, whereupon a host of things will once again work in Avalon.

Any BUG reports should, as always, be concise and descriptive, and submitted as soon as you notice the bug. Thanks.

Mephisto, god of the night