I'm not at all sure I understand your last BB missive. Are you just generally upset that wurtfoil is not commonly available, or accusing animists of failing to do our duty?

The non-availability of wurtfoil is outside my control. Ihave been devoting lessons to herbs since I became Guildmaster, but my skill was only respected at that time and it will be months before I can produce it myself. Once I can produce it, I intend to make it slightly more available than it is now, but I do not intend to sell it.

As far as I can see, selling wurtfoil increases the amount of violence in the game as people fight over resources. It seems my duty is to promote life, so I will spend the time while I study herbs on thinking up ways folk will earn it. If you have a good idea please msg me with it. The best ideas will not be related to alignment as such, but will be inaccordance with the teachings of Aldaron. I do not wish to make it impossible for evil players to earn it, but it the actions themselves will proabaly count as good ones.