Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

On the subject of crashes, when they DO happen, if you know anything about it which could have possibly caused the crash, leave all the details you can think of in the bugfile - it is of great help to us. I would be grateful if you could also report in the bugfile any typing errors in the text - these are annoying and easy to weed out once they are spotted I have changed, once again, the algorithm for dying. It was previously set at 1/50th of your score every 30 seconds, and has been changed to 1/250th every 30 seconds. The aim of death, as Ive stressed before, is not to cripple your progression but to be a minor set-back. For your information the gems thus far have been found by Elof, Palin, Davros and Sarik. Elof and Palin have three, Davros has two and Sarik has one. Six remain to be allocated. Good luck, folks!@ Gen.