Odds on prospective gods

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

List of odds on people in race to be god - MSG Inshallah with bets Evens: Blodwyn *** 2-1 Sixpack *** 3-1 Eshkadeth, Urquoth, Klassi *** 4-1 Palin, Fiorella, Zollrender, Steerpike, Calladan, Angmar *** 5-1 Aragorn, Mnestheus, Psycho, Arback, Grendel, Triekos, Beany*** ANY BETS TAKEN ON ANY PLAYER - ASK FOR ODDS. *-* looks bad cos of BB being set up wrong couldn't do traditional list of runners with comments sorry for those who feel let down *-*

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