Odds on prospective gods

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

Msg Inshallah with bets: state choice and ammount (settlment later) ODDS NAME Inshallahs comments and queries Evens Sixpack :Causes me troubles so gotta be alright I guess Evens Blodwyn :Away from the stones I can see her being done 2-1 Eshkadeth : Without a Hp room it can be a mage nightmare 3-1 Klassi :Got the points and brains but not the speed 4-1 Urquoth :If he gets up now, well he's done it before..... 4-1 Fiorella :In the Non-combat world theres no one better 5-1 Palin :Nice tactics and speed but lacking thought??? 5-1 Steerpike : Has it all there but can panic into error 6-1 Zollrender: Could steal your underwear, why not victory?? 7-1 Aragorn : Not so sure myself but he's up there with em 10-1 Azrael :Nah just a joke, but you wanna give me cash... 100-1 Ammon :Dreams ah sweet dreams

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