Elviron the Capricious Animistto Everyone

I wish to (hopefully) conclude this exchange with a reasonable brief reply to your posting. Animists are here to preserve LIFE above all else. We are not simply here to run around doing good deeds like a pack of demented good Samaritans, unless what we do furthers the cause of life in general, or preserves a life or lives in particular.

The Wurtfoil saga sickened me a great deal, and I shall not be drawn into yet another fruitless discussion about it or its supply.

I must say at this point that having read your first posting on the BB about the guild needing gold and reacting (justifiably, perhaps?) in defence of certain wealthy guild members, a situation was brought to my notice which I had been unaware of. As soon as I saw our GM on, I asked what he needed funding for, and offered whatever he needed, that I could provide within my means, to assist.

In retrospect, whatever our difference in perspective of this situation, you did me a good service by bringing a matter to my attention that I was not aware of. I still dislike the use of the BB for matters of this nature but I thank you for what you did. Elviron, a humbled Animist.