which must temper the needs of the self against the needs of others should surely lead you to use that portion of your funds you see fit to help the rest of your guild and fellow citizens of Avalon in the times when you are not personally within the realm. If my logic is faulty I do not apologise, the only logic that matters is that your guild, the people and as a result the land need to be in a better position and your finacial assistance would help with this. If I could simply hand out gold to the animists I would but this is not the way of things. I would also just like to mention that the so called HERBGATE arguments that run like a bad soap opera on this BB were what brought this need to my attention. Those that can't pay shouldn't have to, and those that don't want to charge shouldn't have to and the situation was making that not necessarily true. I see no great loss to your good self and I see nothing but gain for everyone else. I too have in the past held you in high regard but it seems your self

interest is out-weighing the vocational emphasis on helping others. Pericles, god of the sky.