Elviron the Capricious Animistto Everyone

I am rather stunned by your earlier posting concerning Animists taking \"kickbacks\" and linking this for some reason to the personal wealth of high-ranking Animists.

Providing normal players of Avalon with information normally only accessible to a privileged few, on this public BB, can only be construed an abuse of your power. Your logic is also suspect - it's a VERY old argument, saing that while there is individual wealth, it should firstly be used for the benefit of the needy before that of its rightful owner. (For saing, read saying). It is a fatuous argument, as you must realise. Or do you as a God wish to share your powers with the mortals of Avalon first, THEN use what is left for yourself?? Of COURSE not.

Up until now, I have respected you as a God of the highest integrity. I must conclude from your \"jibe\" that I have been misled.

Elviron the Capricious Animist.