Lugonn, The Shining Oneto Everyone

Hello all, I have returned What do i find on my return? A leader of the guild i belong to condoning selling of wurtfoil I have often in the past disagreed with mnsys view of the world of animist, therefore I fell i have little choice I have challenged for guildmastery of the animists guild No longer will i stand by and see this warped view of the animist way imposed. Secondly the mercinae ehrbalist will be re-stocked as soon as i can manage it, I've no idea why an attempt to invade another city was made by my fellow barons while i was away, but i shall be investigating this flagrent waste of city resources as soon as i can. and last congratulation to blodwyn on the birth may your new feamily prosper. To animists genrally, Vote for me as your new guildmaster I do not seek to impose my view about any part of animism on anyone Lugonn The Shining One.