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Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

Alighnment when to be honest it doesn't change a damn thing. No one expects the Sorcerers and Cavaliers to get on with anyone. (I'm surprised they talk to each other) and for the Animists to get annoyed at being killed by them is beyond comprehension. It's real simple folks and here it is in little words so you can ALL understand. Sorcerers and Cavaliers Kill Maim and Destroy to get what they want. They can, so they do. Animists can't kill people (or rather they are unwilling to use the forces of nature for the side of Good) so have to talk and barter. The baddies use all their skills and 'win', (so to speak) and the goodies (in this situation the Animists) don't and have therefore lost. Animists wake up to yourselves and stop shouting defiance at people who will shrug and kill you because all you do afterward is complain. You refuse to be neutral and therefore have opted to be GOOD so damn well either act like it or go back to being neutral and give herbs to everyone so both sides are fairly armed. Animis

s, Sorcerers and Cavaliers are all the same in my book. Pathetic moaners who have nothing but selfinterested, selfimportant