Animists, Sorcerers and the Facts of Life

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

Lets get something straight here. Sorcerers: EVIL magic type people who are supposed to be the most feared and hated guild in Avalon. Animists: GOOD forest type people who are suppose to be helpful and kind to EVERYONE. Now if those definitions are wrong (I don't think they are) then ok. Trouble is I rather think that everyone is getting a little het-up cos the Animists have decided that they cannot help everyone just those they like, and the Sorcerers and Cavaliers (not being liked by just about everyone) have decided to kill the Animist for being left off the herb-hand-out line. Well fine, ok, you guys and gals just keep on moaning at each other but all it does is fill the BB with a lot of rubbish no one wants to hear. Do I (as a thief) give two damns for the fact that the goodies hate the baddies and vice versa??? Hey come on I can work that out for myself and don't need 30 BBs to explain it. Why is it that you can't just use tells and discuss this over a safe distance instead of arguing in public a

out Herbs and CONT-