Good grief

I have just, with some amusement and much concern, read the last 130 or so postings on this BB. It seems that whatever a player says on here ultimately gets twisted completely out of context and for that reason I seldom waste time posting anything here. However, the recent \"verbal\" attacks on Fiorella and Conteck can only be deeply rooted in evil, and all that such a background involves. You will not ruffle the feathers of Animists simply by exploiting meaningless wordplay on this mostly worthless BB. Animists are TOTALLY COMMITTED to the preservation of all life, to an extent which a non-Animist may possibly understand, but never fully comprehend. The day the Animists guild falls to pieces will probably be the day before the rest of Avalon disintegrates to nothingless; we bring a degree of redress of balance to a land populated mainly by evil inhabitants and like-minded players. Although by no means the sole \"good\" guild, we are the extreme case needed to offset the extreme evil so often seen in this otherw

se fair land. We shall prevail. You NEED us, which is why you fear us so deeply. Dwell on that a while. Elviron the Capricious Animist.