Death, Blackmail and Profit

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

Well done to Nemesis and Anastasia, I think anyone willing to maim kill and destroy their way through life needs a nod here and there and I think that if Fiorella can stand around and watch her guild get hacked up then she really doesn't understand the progression in using preventative medicine. I ain't sayin' that she should give in publically but more that she should settle this sort of thing in the privacy of Avalon and save lives before they are threaten not just do the \"WON'T GIVE IN TO BLACKMAIL\" routine that all the politicians drag out when they mean that they can't be bothered to stick their necks out because they might lose their position and standing. Oh yes I know I know Animists don't fear death (I've read the help to) but points are points and I don't know anyone who likes losing them. Oh yeah and as Guild Mistress of the Thieves may I say how good it is to see the man who robbed every other business into extinction back in the groove and selling the things people want. Other cities might be

wise to follow this example and have a Poison outlet. Inshallah of the Night. Thief, Mother, Baroness and Bookie.