Azrael the Black

Sir Ammon the Executionerto Everyone

I Sir Ammon the Executioner have been playing avalon for just 4 days and It seems that Azreal(playing non-stop for 3 months) thinks that I I am a threat to him as he has slain me twice so far. This is because I slay people who are my level, and beat them because I am better prepared not because I have been playing longer than I have. So I ask do the sorcerers really want such a player as their leader? Azrael you fight against opponents who are equal to you and I will do the same as I have been doing. Azrael simply sets a Balrog on me which I nave no chance of defending myself agaist. I killed a fellow sorcerer of his on my own. Let all realise this and sort this future guildmaster out. Sir Ammon