Animists and their Passive Murder.

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

For what its worth I think it's disgusting that players who call themselves 'healers' and 'doctors' can stand around watching someone hack and maim their way through a few people - When they witness such things they sometimes hold the murderous one but none kill the slaughtering one. Oh no you see that would be counterproductive for the animists wouldn't it. They get points for bathing us and are quite happy to see the mayhem of death go on since everybody is a body (if you know what I mean). Ithink Animists actions are not what should be discussed i think it should be Animists inactions. Often an animist is killed and even then the higher-higher of the guild merely bathe the poor animist and say 'oh well chum'. I can see why they don't kill often like the rest of us, but since they seem to do no more than leach off our combat skills isn't it about time they started generating some 'bodies' of their own??

Inshallah of the Night - Thief, Mother, Baroness and Bookie.