Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Death on Avalon has been changed slightly, in that you know have a finite number of free rides on the Ship of Death (resurrection does not count as a Death ship ride). STATUS/SCORE/DEFENCES all show up how many free trips you have. Once you have used up your free trips, your skills will become less effective by 1% for every subsequent trip. This does not effect the actual skills, but, like Godly favour and disfavour, effects their day-to-day use. Animists are able to rejuvenate using their Naturalist powers, and therefore give themselves more trips on the Ship of Death, while the rest of mortalkind will have to use the Herb of Rejuvenation.

The aim of this addition is to prevent the mindless killers from being able to operate. While innocent mortals will be rejuvenated by kindly Animists or the Gods, the murderers will soon find themselves without and without the means to rejuvenate themselves.