Barons, Theft and Exploitation

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

Citizens of Avalon. The revolution continues and I fear so do the barons. I find today that in the great cities, the very cities they rule, they have wantonly reaped monies and funds to a degree I find disturbing. Barons of your cities stole over half a million gold from what they obviously consider as being their own private sources of cash. Citizens of Avalon I ask you, Is it right that those self same barons are deemed fit to continue governing?? They steal from you daily and you rest on your laurels and ignore it? Who is more foolish? The fool or the Fool that follows him?? Citizens of Avalon how long before they steal YOUR money not just that of your enemies?? Do not be split into fractions and join with us in the glorious revolution to free Avalon from the shadow of the baronial tyranny that has for so long haunted these shores. Revolt now citizens of forever be damned to the indignity of being led by parasites who suck dry your treasuries for their wants and desires. Revolt now you have nothing t

lose but your parasitic imperialist bastions of power that strangle your freedom and deny your needs! Inshallah of the Night - Thief, Mother, Baroness and Bookie.