Sturmto Everyone

Well, You as well as I know what happend to you lugonn. And you also know that I did not want thatt command work on you. AnyHaps!

I would realy like the Mercinae Poeple of Avalon to Vote for Me, Sturm! I do not know what you heard about me via Lugonn, but his is a bad losser And fi you heard i have no Honour, then you are mistaken and should know that I have been and always will be your friend in the times that you will need me. ITook a gamble when i Used an ability to make lugonn no-longer in the election, Hoping it would not work. But it did. And that is a fact which i can not change.

SO why are you reading this mail!?!. You sould be VOTING for Me. STURM!! VOTE 1 STURM!!!