Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

There has been a spate of rather unfortunate incidents recently, which I would like to just comment on.

QQing from fights is a fact of life. I have said before, and I repeat it now, that if we recieve complaints about it, we will consider leaving the AutoQuit mechanism on (it will be altered slightly not to penalise non-fighting types). By all means slag people who do it off on the BB, have another go at them, but do not preach at them and then do it yourself. It's awfully bad form, don't you know.

Secondly, when somebody you are attacking does not respond either by fighting back, or by running away, think what they are doing. They may have had to answer the phone, or they may be looking away from their terminal. If you kill them under such circumstances, they may well be upset. I am not saying that death should not visit careless people, but please do be aware that there are situations out of the game which can lead to people not being able to defend themselves in the game.

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